I wish my Figure looked as good as my Figure Eights

My husband thought that I should ride his bike some more (even though I had dropped it) to see if I really wanted to get the same one he had. Now his KLR650 Dual sport is fairly tall and heavy but I really loved the idea of being able to go the same places he did. The whole point of getting the bike was to have fun with him and if I had a different bike I might not be able to keep up and that was definitely not a option. So he threw me on the back of his bike and took me to a very large gravel church parking lot. Then he handed over the reins and instructed me to start doing figure eights. I was still very nervous about driving the bike. I had just dumped it and my stomach was a little queasy from it but I knew that if I conquered my fear the rewards would be worth it. I started out doing huge figure eights. Then I would start and stop and start and stop and then I would start the figure eights again. Todd just sat on the grass and smiled at me. I do have to say that I am fairly good at going forward. I really learned quickly how to time the whole clutch gas maneuver. I started to feel comfortable doing my figure eights and then he told me to go the other direction. So that started the whole worry thing again. I had nailed it going one way why did I have to go and change it up. Wasn’t one direction good enough. I found out that people tend to feel natural turning one direction but the road don’t always go in one direction so eventually you have to learn to turn the other way. Unless you plan on being a NASCAR driver because they always get to turn one way. I contemplated my NASCAR driver career and decided that I would have to just suck it up and try the other way. It wasn’t really that hard just a little uncomfortable. While I am in the parking lot doing my figure eights, the guy from the church comes out to talk to Todd about my driving. Apparently he was also a motorcycle owner and knew exactly what was going on.
They sat and chatted while I did my circles. I find that people that have their own bikes are so friendly. It is like this unspoken club that you don’t know about until you join their ranks, kinda like the wave but that’s a whole other story.
I must say that the parking lot experience went rather well and I was feeling back to my normal self. I got over the whole bike dropping incident and was back to feeling a 100% positive about getting my own bike. I was so happy riding. I also decided that I did want the same bike as my hubby, only newer and a different color. I mean I don’t mind matching but I don’t want to be too matchy, matchy. So the next big step was to go to the dealership and see what motorcycles they had for me....

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