Life is to short not to have fun and I LOVE FUN!

When we got back home from practicing I was exhilarated. I had made up my mind that a bike was in my future. I was going to be one of those chicks that ride. I was going to be a chaps strutting hot mama. I have always admired how chaps make your booty look awesome and I couldn’t wait to be part of that group. I envisioned myself pulling up on my motorcycle, pulling off my helmet and letting all my hair flow down like in a really good shampoo commercial. Heads would turn, people would point and I would swing my leg off the bike and hold my helmet as I walked on by. As you can tell I have a really great imagination and sometimes I like to keep reality at bay. That didn’t last long as I started to research where to buy my bike and how much it would actually cost. As I called around to the local dealership the price seemed reasonable. The Kawasaki KLR650 Dual sports would be around $5200. That was the average price and that was with the sale of $300 off. As I contemplated the purchase I started to have buyers remorse. I personally get buyers remorse before I even buy something. Is it worth it, should I buy it, am I being a responsible person and can I really afford it? I had just closed down my business and had got a “real” job but it felt like I needed to be a little crazy. I needed to have something special that my husband and I did together but would it still be special if I couldn’t afford it? I told my inner angel and devil to stop arguing and decided that life too short not to have fun and I LOVE FUN, so I was getting a motorcycle.

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  1. I am so glad you did. You look great on it and you guys come back so happy and relaxed. Maybe everyone should ride a bike to chill out.