Oh I got it go but how do I STOP it! Kawaski Dual Sport Adventure

My husband is a wonderful man and I think he knew all along that I needed my own motorcycle, he was just waiting for me to open my own eyes and see it. I also longed for adventure, the open road and the stigma attached with being a motorcycle rider. So one day we decided that I needed a bike and that I needed to ride his to see if it was the kind of motorcycle I wanted. We both love to go on and off road so the Kawasaki Dual Sport is great for our area here in Washington State but it is a rather large tall bike for a beginner motorcycle. I am 5’ 8” and could barely touch the ground when sitting on his bike but I am a very determined lady and if he could ride the bike, then I could ride the bike, at least that is the look I wore on my face while inside I was silently praying and quaking. My first attempts at starting off went rather well. I had a little talk with Todd’s bike and explained that if it would cooperate their would be a new friend in the garage and new accessories for it to wear. Bribing seems to work with animals and kids so I knew that the motorcycle would probably fall for it too.
Tap down into first (with your foot), slowly let out the clutch, slowing twist the throttle and your steel horse starts to move. It sounds like such an easy thing to do but it feels more like when you are supposed to pat your head and rub your belly. You can do it but it takes some practice. The two directions are opposite and it takes awhile for your brain to wrap around the idea that both hands are moving differently. When the bike starts to move and you feel all that power between your thighs it is amazing and addicting all at once. Absolutely rewarding and thrilling
…and then you have to remember how to stop all 500lbs of it. This is when the momentarily paralysis sets in and your brain shut downs. Pull on the handle brake, step on the foot brake, do it all at once, hard, fast, slow steady, which one makes it stop with you and the motorcycle still upright

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  1. Glad you learned to stop it. Now when can I ride with you?