The Day my Husband Fell in Love....with his Kawasaki KLR 650 Dual Sport Motorcycle

My history with motorcycle is very short and sweet. I always thought they looked like fun, I have ridden a couple of times off road on them and my husband really wanted one. That is where it ended. I believe I might have even owned a little tiny 50cc one when I was 16 but it most have been so short lived that it isn’t a concrete memory so I can’t say for sure.  
In 2008 my husband got a motorcycle. It was a fun looking blue, black and silver Kawasaki 650 Dual Sport. It was going to be great on gas, fun to ride and something he could play on and off road with. It seemed like the perfect fit and pretty cheap too. In fact I am pretty sure he fell in love with it. He would ride it, wash it and dry it. He would need lots of accessories for it so that it would look great and run better. It would need lots of extra care and attention that I thought was a little much for something that didn’t have a heartbeat. In fact I was starting to become jealous of it. How could something so boring looking require so much love, be so much fun and have all the boys drooling over it. That was my mind frame for the summer of 2008. It made no sense and was quite irrational. In fact I look back now and wonder how I could not see what was so obvious ……

I needed my own something special to fall in love with (that didn't have a heartbeat). I needed my own steel horse, my own party on two wheels, my own toy that the boys would drool over.


  1. Haha! You’re actually jealous of a motorcycle? It’s just one of the boy’s toys that they love to accessorize and spend time with. Have you tried riding on it? I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience as well. Just support your husband with his simple joys.

    -Max Piedra

  2. Hah, I can actually relate to your husband’s passionate love for his motorcycle. I’m sure he did fell in love with his motorbike but don’t you get jealous of it, as it’s just a big man’s toy. :D :]

  3. A friend of mine also has a model like that, although it comes in black. It’s almost not surprising why your husband loves his motorcycle. I tried riding it a couple of times and it's pretty powerful. The best part of riding it is when you’re driving uphill. This model really makes it a point to impress and it's rugged off-road tires are pretty helpful. :)

    Hannah Parkin