Did my overly excited chest flutter wave give me away?

I was riding along behind my husband and I got my first wave. It was so exciting. I had heard about the wave but I hadn’t experienced it on my own bike. I felt so accepted at the moment. I was now a motorcycle rider. I wanted to wave back but the thought of letting go of the handle bars was terrifying. I had a death grip on them and I am pretty sure I was cutting the circulation off in my hands but I decided to be bold. I brought my hand up over the handle bars and gave a totally girly wave. It was like I was seeing my girlfriend across the airport and I did that totally over stimulated back and forth excited wave. The other rider looked a little startled and just kept on riding I was so proud of myself. I had gotten a wave, waved back and still had my new baby going straight and upright. Yeah for me! My first day of riding was a success. I was now even more addicted and very excited and still a bit terrified.

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