Getting back on the Motorcycle is like riding a Horse

I am so excited that the weather has turned beautiful here in Washington State. It is February and we are having a run on sunshine and warmer weather. Not quite warm but warmer then usual. This has allowed me to start my riding season very early this year. I got Mary Jane out of the garage and on to the open road this weekend. It was so wonderful. It was like sitting down to chat with an old friend you haven't seen in a while. I swear the bike sighed under me when I got on. I hugged her and said hello, let's go play. We took off to find some dirt roads and spend a little time getting two wheel therapy. It was marvelous! I had forgotten how great it was to ride.
We spent a couple of hours out on the bike and then headed home. When I was getting off the bike I felt a little stiff and didn't think anything of it. Getting up the next day was a different story. I woke up with stiff thighs. I felt like I had been out riding a horse instead of horsepower. I did a lot of tank clutching when I was standing up riding in the gravel and realize now that maybe I have gone a little soft over the winter and need to get used to riding my motorcycle again. I am looking forward to the exercise routine of my riding.

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