Green Highlight are no reason Not to get a Motorcycle

We headed to our local motorcycle shop called Mt Baker Moto Sports and started checking out bikes. I had my heart set on a all black bike and my husband assured me that they came in all black. That was true and not true all in the same sentence. They had the 09 Kawasaki KLR dual sport in black but it came with lime green accents. For some reason this really turned me off. I didn’t want a lime green bike, I wanted an all black sleek looking bike that I could wear any kind of gear on and we would look good (my bike and I)

I just have to let you know that my mind tends to get a little irrational when making any purchase over $200 dollars. I am not usually a person who worries about matching my vehicles but some reason a silly thing like green stickers was going to be the reason I could not get the bike. It really did seem like a valid excuse not to make the purchase. If I was going to spend the big bucks it should be exactly what I wanted and lime green accents was definitely not it. My husband listened to my concerns, gave me that special smile and assured me that they were just stickers and we could take them off. *Poof* there went my excuse to be irrational and we were back on track. I did sit on a few smaller bikes but they just didn’t feel right so we decided to get the exact model my husband had just a year newer. I loved the idea of having my own brand new bike and then I started to worry my husband might claim the new one. It was prettier, newer and all black but he assured me that I could keep it because his bike was all rigged out just the way he wanted it. I started getting that nervous giggly butterfly excitement feeling. We were really going to get me my own motorcycle. I was going to be part of that special group of people that ride. I was going to be able to ride next to my husband on all those fun trips he did. I was going to be able to turn onto a dirt road and ride to the top of a mountain. I pictured myself like a super hero at the top gazing out across the vast rolling hills out into the wild unknown with my cape blowing in the wind.

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