Its amazing how a girl can fall in love with her very own Kawasaki KLR 650 Dual Sport

When the moment came to hand over the money and sign on the dotted line I couldn’t believe it. I was the new proud owner of a brand new black (with green highlights) 2009 Kawasaki KLR650 Dual Sport motorcycle. This was the newest, nicest, most expensive thing I had purchased just for myself. It felt wonderfully terrifying. I had just been handed the keys to a brand new world of adventure and awesomeness. I was truly stunned and excited. I could see all these new experiences opening up for me.
They asked us to come back for the bike so they could get it ready and washed for me. We decided my husband would ride it home and I would go get my permit. I really did want to be the first person to ride my motorcycle and I was momentarily tempted to just go for it. Must have been my new bad ass motorcycle attitude they handed me with the keys but in the end I knew it would be smarter to let him get it home because we live 30 minutes from the bike shop and I hadn’t actually gone over 35mph yet. I am also a real stickler for rules and I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride the bike without the permit. My conscience wouldn’t let me break the law and if I was riding and being illegal all at the same time then I would probably pass out from the stress. Thankfully I read the book, passed the test and got my permit so I headed home to go for my first ride…..

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