Butterflies and Motorcycles Don’t Mix!

I have to admit that my stomach was an absolute mess with fear and anxiousness. I was so worried about riding my own brand new motorcycle. What if I dropped it? What if I forgot how to stop? What if I hit the gas instead of the brake? What if… What if… What if… It seemed I could question myself forever and let the fear take over but I didn’t. I took one look at my husband huge proud smile and I knew I could do it. If he said I could do it then by golly I was going to. For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to film and I really wanted to keep a video journal of my whole experience with this new adventure. My husband was so encouraging and excited for me. He knew that this would be something we would love as a couple and something I would love as soon as I got my bike out of the garage and on to the road. We backed the bike out of the garage and he showed me how to get it started. Thankfully its only a button (yeah) and its very easy to push. I put on my brand new jacket, his old helmet and my gloves. Took a deep breath and tried to mount my motorcycle and didn’t meet with much success. The bike is very tall and Todd added a bag to the back so as soon as my foot went up it ran into the bag and halted. I clumsily hopped back and stared at my bike. How could my first attempt to get on fail. I laughed inside my helmet. I could do this. It was a machine and I was the master. Todd told me to put my foot on the peg and then swing over. Whoa, that was a lot easier and now I was on the bike. Instantly my gut went crazy again but I told it to shut up and off we went.. But not really because I stalled. Started to laugh inside my helmet and hit the on button again. We were ready for the second time. I eased the clutch out, gently turned the throttle and got it to go forward. I was riding! I got it on the road and started to follow Todd. It was amazing. The wind was
 blowing, my eyes were watering and my nose started to run. Then it occurred to me to shut the visor. Instantly I was high, high on life, high on adrenaline, high on my accomplishment and absolutely amazed that a mom could be out riding her own badass motorcycle. I started to giggle inside my helmet.

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